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Return To Greatness. Connect | Create | Build

Our forward movement is simple. Connect, create and build.


Every day in this world there are stories of racism and dehumanization of our black and brown brothers and sisters. You see it on television, social media, and in newspapers and magazines. Countless stories of brutality and injustice. We want to inspire change within our community by coming together and creating a renewed atmosphere, where Colored People of African Decent are inspired to be great again and no longer fear the challenges we’re faced with because of who society claim us to be.

For the hidden truths of our greatness to be rightfully displayed, we must first know that we were never slaves, but rather gods, goddesses, Kings & Queens, therefore we MUST RETURN TO BEING GREAT AGAIN.

R2G’s mission is to educate and empower our African children and young adults about the true legacy of their wealthy African history. Our goal is to provide avenues to teach them historical facts about their African roots and our great African leaders so they can empower themselves to be independent individuals whose thoughts, opinions, and ideas are solicited, accepted and valued. We know that every individual is entitled to the same dignity, respect and opportunities as all other members of society, including black and brown brothers and sisters.  We are firmly committed to helping the children and young adults to achieve their potential for independence, individuality and to be enlightened by the togetherness of one another, so we can collectively Return to Greatness.


R2G Giving

R2G gives according the principle law of giving which is the more you give the more you receive. We know that giving and receiving are simply two different expressions of the same flow of energy. When we are generous we stretch ourselves beyond our ego. R2G strives to bring back the human aspect of life by giving in many ways which includes food, clothes, bill payments, monetary gifts and everyday supplies needed to survive. We also provide words of encouragement, compliments, hugs, and prayer. R2G’s goal is to raise the vibration of humanity on earth by doing our part in showing Peace, Love and Togetherness. We want people to come together and help one another in every way possible.


R2G Supports Homeschool

R2G fully support parents being the first educators in their child/children’s lives. We give a portion of our proceeds to families who homeschool their children. We know there aren’t any known government support systems in place for parents who choose to be the first educators in their child/children’s lives so we decided to become one. R2G’s goal is to make sure all families have the necessary supplies for their homeschooling needs.