How it started

Readi or Not was birth after going through a mental struggle after going through a series of life adjustments. Like some people I had dreams to see people win and have fun doing it while helping others win. One day i heard my self said to me (I can only hear my own voice), why are you sleeping on yourself? and I stood there for a minute and realize how valuable "I AM" and how much I have done in the past to date and decided I wanted to see another great version of me.

I was nervous because of my own mental blocks to go after what i wanted. So i made up my mind and then I heard "Ready or Not Here I Come.." and that's how I came up with the name.

The Mission

The mission is to created motivational and inspirational designs to help trigger people to go after their dreams and believe they can. People where T-Shirts all the time so i figured this would be a great way to so these valuable seeds of SELF LOVE and GROWTH.


You are the "I AM" operating in your body, so take control and navigate yourself to be of value to LIFE and have Fun creating the world you love.