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Young Black Genius

Young Black Genius

Jaylen Bledsoe has built a $3.5 million business before attending his high school prom. Bledsoe, 15, is the owner and CEO of the IT company Bledsoe Technologies.

At the age of 13, Bledsoe started the company in Hazelwood, Mo., after discovering his passion for coding. The company offers photography, videography, computer repair, search engine optimization and consulting. He started with two employees and he now employs 150 contractors.

Bledsoe is currently working with several hotels to create a mobile app that will allow customers to check in online and use their phones to unlock their rooms.

Along with his thriving business, Bledsoe remains an active student at Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School. He is the president of the school’s student council and chief technology officer of a teen volunteerism company.

Bledsoe hopes to attend Harvard and become a copyright lawyer.

If you only watched the evening news or depended on pop culture to paint a picture of young Blacks, you would probably think that the majority of Black youngsters were only ambitious about sports and music – or caught up in crime and debauchery.

However, the face of Black success isn’t limited to the fields that are occupied by Jay-Z, Beyonce and LeBron James. There are a multitude of young Blacks who are achieving at a high level in science, math, classical music, chess and other knowledge-based areas and preparing to change society.